"Debra Maltzman is a former employee of mine and someone I have known and worked with for   over 25 years.  As a recruiter, she is perhaps the best person I have ever worked with at             understanding the intangibles. This is critical to any successful new hire. She is also extremely   knowledgeable on DISC (a behavioral profile tool) and is a very effective 1-1 coach.  She is           very accepting and she understands and reads people extremely well.  She can assist you         with both recruiting and coaching.  I trust her."

  John Ruh, President, John M. Ruh Consulting, Inc.

  "I've known Debra for about 20 years when she first placed me in a job.  Since then, I have filled   several positions with her as a client.  She is very good about matching candidates with             openings on a skills level as well as with personality traits.  Debra is innovative, has a strong       work ethic, is easy to get along with and really knows her business."

  Sue Mazany, Office Manager, Leydig, Voit and Mayer, Ltd.

  "I have hired 2 great administrative assistants thanks to Debra. Personally working with her,       she always gets high quality candidates for consideration." 
  Brent Holman-Gomez, Sr. V.P., Cambridge Realty Capital Companies

  "Debra is a class act and really cares about her clients. She works tirelessly to actually recruit   the right person, not just go through a database. She does not send anyone for an interview       that she has not PERSONALLY talked to, and once the applicant is hired, she is a partner to     make sure that the fit is and continues to be a good one. I strongly recommend working with       Debra and letting her help with your people needs."

  Kathy Lichtenstein, Principal, The ODS Group